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Our Technology

Project Management System:

Our project management system allows the key people working on your project to access all relevant information, instantly and on any device. That means if you call us with questions or comments, we have all your necessary project information at our fingertips. Communication breakdowns and the frustration that goes with it are eliminated.

In addition, the more efficient we are, the more we control costs. This helps us keep our prices reasonable without sacrificing quality.

Satellite Technology And Roofing, Siding, and Decking:

When you select Allied Remodeling for new roofing, siding or decking, we will use satellite technology to make the installation process smoother. Exact measurements are taken with this technology, and then materials are ordered and tracked using the same program. Here is how this makes it a more seamless process for you:

  • Minimizes amount of material on your property because exact right amount is ordered
  • Allows us to identify any obstructions on or around your home
  • Material delivery is coordinated and specific
  • Eliminates need for extra trips on site – we’re only there when we really need to be

State Of The Art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Allied Remodeling’s fleet of state of the art UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are used during roof evaluations to capture high definition video and images of the roof and its components. These UAVs allow us to evaluate the condition of the roof without the inherent danger of climbing on it. In addition, this technology reduces the amount of gas guzzling ladder trucks in our employ allowing us to remain competitive while offering the most advanced roof evaluation and replacement techniques in the industry.

Awesome Smartphone App Directly Links You To Your Project Manager

Below you can download our Smartphone App that you can use to monitor the status of your project 24/7. It also gives you another direct line of communication to your Project Manager (and your project manager will be one of our owners).

You can of course always call us, but many of our customers tell us they love this feature and being able to have constant access to updates, scheduling, and all the key information about their project at their fingertips.

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