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You Can Save 25% On Your
Kitchen Or Bath Remodel…
But Without Sacrificing Quality.

Are You Aware That Most Remodelers Take A
Significant Mark-Up On The Products They Install?

We’re Different—We Will Help You Source
Your Products And Save You Significant Money.

Here’s the truth: many remodelers take a “healthy” mark-up on the products used in your remodel. If you work with a remodeler that encourages and guides you to source your own products, you can save around 25% on the overall cost.

That’s thousands of dollars.

You Will NOT Be Left On Your Own

We want you to have as much or as little control over your project as YOU want. If being your own designer for a kitchen, bath, or basement make-over appeals to you, we’ll work with you. Or we can help you design with our experts.

If you want to shop completely on your own for cabinets, tile, and other products, we can install them. But if you want one of our experts to help you shop, we can do that.

The important point is that we can give you as much or as little assistance as you choose.

Here’s a specific example of how we can help.

If you go to a kitchen design center, they will sell you kitchen cabinets, but you’ll pay significantly more than if you ordered them directly. We can bring a kitchen manufacturer directly to you to get you a better deal.

Another benefit to working with us: once you select your materials, we give you the option of letting us place the order to make sure we get the correct size. That way if it gets ordered wrong, it’s on us – we pay to get it right - not you.

Installation Experts Make REAL Promises

Let’s face it. Every contractor claims they will do a “good job” remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. But how many make specific promises that back that up?

Allied Remodeling has two important differences you will not find with almost any other company.

One, we do not take any payment UNTIL THE JOB IS COMPLETE. We don’t even take a deposit – not one dime. Only a company completely confident in delivering quality could afford to have this policy.

Two, we have a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. If any part of your remodel fails due to an installation error, we fix it. No charge, period. You will also be protected by the manufacturer warranty for product failure (these warranties vary by manufacturer and product).

Other Important Facts About Us

We Stick To The Schedule:

There are some real nightmare stories out there about remodeling crews who disappear for days at a time – sometimes without explanation. This often happens because of poor planning and inexperienced companies promising more than they can deliver. Meanwhile, the homeowner is wondering whether they will ever have use of their kitchen, bathroom, or finished basement.

We’re different. Once all your material has arrived and the job begins, we are on the job every day, 8 hours a day, until it is complete. You’ll never have to wonder what’s going on.

Our Quote Is Our Quote – No Games:

We also provide you with a firm quote. If you decide you want to change the scope of the project, we will provide an updated quote for you to approve. There are NEVER final invoice surprises with Allied Remodeling. (And we never play games with hidden fees or “surcharges” either).

We also are very specific and detailed. If you have ever received a vague quote on a piece of notebook paper, get ready for the exact opposite experience. Our quotes are so detailed they are practically an instruction manual for the job.

Full Line of Service:

If you are just installing new kitchen cabinets, we can help. But we can also do a full kitchen makeover. For a bathroom, we can install a new bathtub or shower, or do a complete overhaul – and everything in between.

If you want to finish all or part of your basement, we do it all – anything from a small office to a full family and entertainment room with bar.

Allied Remodeling will provide you a free consultation and quote for your remodeling project. We are NOT a high-pressure sales company and we can educate on how you can save real money without sacrificing quality.

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