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Frequently Asked Questions
Roofing FAQ

Here are some of the questions that we receive most often from our customers. If you have a question that isn't answered here, or simply want to speak with us, don't hesitate to contact us.

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How many roofs has Allied Remodeling replaced?

We have installed more than 25,000 roofs in the Baltimore and Washington area. With tens of thousands of roofs completed, we are the proven, secure choice for homeowners who want it done right the first time.

Do you have any roofing certifications?

Yes, we are certified by both major roofing manufacturers – CertainTeed and GAF. With CertainTeed we are certified as both Shingle Masters and Master Shingle Applicators. From GAF, we have earned the Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor certification.

Will my replacement roof come with a warranty?

Yes, and it will be outstanding. This is why we work with the best manufacturers because they have the best warranties. Some of the specifics of your warranty will vary depending on your choice of shingle. The differences will all be clearly explained during your free consultation. You can also go to our Warranties page to see more.

One other thing you should know about warranties: even if you have an outstanding product warranty, there is a “loophole” with many contractors. This is because a defect in the product itself is covered, but anything that happens because of poor installation is NOT covered. Allied Remodeling doesn’t think that is right, so we have closed this loophole. We give you a labor warranty that matches the length of the product warranty. If the product is covered for a lifetime, so is the labor.

Who will be working on my roof?

Only our experienced, fully-trained crews that have worked for us for years. A majority have been with us for 5 or more year – some even since we launched in 1996. It is a little-known secret in this industry that many home improvement companies are essentially sales companies that then sub-contract out the job to the lowest bidder. With these practices, sometimes unskilled temporary day labor is used. We reject these methods as they lower quality and increase headaches.

Why do you usually recommend CertainTeed products?

Our opinion is that CertainTeed and GAF are the undisputed best roofing manufacturers. They have been the two longest-lasting, innovative, and top quality choices for a long time. We are comfortable with either.

But there are small but important details that put CertainTeed over the top. One is that CertainTeed warranties aesthetic defects in their shingles. If GAF shingles develop staining but there is nothing wrong with the integrity of the shingles, they will not cover that under warranty. CertainTeed will cover shingles even if it is only an aesthetic defect.

CertainTeed also makes it a policy to publish the weight of their products, and when it comes to roofing, heavier means more durable. By being transparent with this data, CertainTeed allows us to help the homeowner make a more informed choice.

This commitment to the little extra touches is a sure signal of the overall quality of CertainTeed.

I heard you use satellite technology as part of your process. Can you explain how that works?

Yes. During your initial consultation, we will measure your roof using one of our experienced estimators. Should you move forward with Allied Remodeling, we use satellite technology to confirm the measurements with the best possible accuracy. This program is then used to order and fully track the exact right amount of materials using the satellite measurements.

The result is a more time-efficient process, with less material waste and more cost savings.

Where can I get more information about roofing?

We’ve created the Homeowner’s Guide to Roofing. It’s free and packed with clear information you can use. You can click here to request a copy.

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