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Most Contractors Think That Building A Deck
To “Meet The Code” Is Good Enough…

But It’s Not.

We Build Our Beautiful And Unique Decks To Be
Stronger And More Durable Than Ordinary Decks.

We Exceed Code Requirements In Every Single Area That Matters
And Insist On Only The Best Materials.

As you probably know, decks are required to meet certain standards set by the county government to be considered safe and legal. What you might not know is that these standards are pretty minimal.

The problem is that most contractors treat the code as if it is THE guideline to a deck that is “good enough.” But homeowners should expect and demand more than the minimum.

Here are some specific examples of why our installation is better:

Footer Holes: These are the holes where the posts for your deck are planted. The code is the hole should be 24” x 12”. Allied Remodeling digs it to 36” x 18”.

Securing The Post: The code requires that the pad at the bottom of the hole be concrete, but the rest can be backfilled with dirt. This is what many contractors do, and as the dirt aerates over time, it will make the post less secure. Allied Remodeling does not use dirt, but instead uses extra cement for fully cast concrete footings.

Beam Security and Size: We use a superior, more labor intensive “cut beam” construction method to secure beams. Also, we use double 2’ X 10’ beams, instead of the more typical 2’ x 8’ beams.

Joist Spacing: The amount of space between joists makes a big difference. The further apart the joists, the more likely you are to get a spongy, bowing feel as you walk across the deck. Over time, this makes the deck less durable. The code says joists need to be 24 inches on center. We place our joists a minimum of 16 inches on center, and even go 12 inches on center where appropriate.

When it comes to constructing your deck, we our standards are higher and our attention to detail is unmatched.


We are very particular about the materials we use, whether you want a traditional wood deck or a composite deck.

Wood Decking:

We only use #1 Pressure Treated Pine for your deck. Many contractors will use lower grade wood to save on their costs.

We also insist on going to the lumberyard to hand-pick the wood that will be used for your deck. This allows us to make sure that only the choicest, best-looking wood is used. Allowing the lumberyard staff to select the wood mean less care is taken and some lower quality wood inevitably slips in.

Composite Decking:

We can work with a large variety of composite and PVC decking materials. Some of the quality choices we have used include Azek, Trex, Timbertech, and other brands. If you already have a specific choice in mind, we are happy to work with you.

If you are not sure what you want to use, we do have a recommended composite decking material: Epoch by Tamko. Here are just a few of the advantages of this composite decking:

  • It is more beautiful – If you’ve ever seen decking that looks “plastic,” you’ll love how much better this looks.
  • Its deep grain is less slippery – Because composite decks have a smoother surface than traditional wood decks, they also tend to be more slippery when wet. Epoch has a deep grain that gives more traction (and also gives it a richer look).
  • A lower thermal rating – The thermal rating is a measure of how much heat the material holds – in other words, how hot it will feel under your feet. Some composite decking gets so hot it actually comes with a warning. Epoch has one of the lowest thermal ratings in the industry, providing a more comfortable experience.
  • Better guarantee against staining and discoloration – Select the wrong composite decking and you might be in for headaches – a deck that stains easy and fades quickly. Epoch stands behind their product with great guarantees.

Our Warranties Are Tops In The Industry

As with everything at Allied Remodeling, we stand behind what we do with real promises.

Wood Decking – #1 Pressure Treated Pine has a lifetime guarantee against unusual curling and cracking. It is also guaranteed against termite infestation. In addition, we offer a lifetime labor warranty.

Composite Decking – The warranty will vary depending on the product you select. If you select Epoch by Tamko, you will have one of the best warranties in the industry, including a lifetime warranty on much of the deck. We also offer a lifetime labor warranty on our composite decks.

Design Help For A Deck That Looks Amazing

Maybe you already have a solid idea of how you want your deck to look and just need someone to help you flesh out the details. Or maybe you only know you want a deck that is unique and matches your home perfectly, but don’t know where to begin.

Allied Remodeling also takes care of the details – homeowners get a hassle-free experience. We’ll help you obtain permits, schedule inspections, and register your project with the county. If your deck requires engineer approved drawings, we will provide them.

Whatever your decking needs, we are the experts that can help. We walk you step-by-step through the process to a beautiful result.

Call us for a free deck consultation. We don’t use a request for a quote as an excuse for a high-pressure sales presentation. We listen, answer all your questions and educate you on your options.

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